Cyclamens coum (Persian Violet) are fabulous at brightening the winter or early spring garden with their bold splashes of colors in shades of pink, lavender, white or fuchsia. Ideal for naturalizing between shrubs and trees, they are easy to grow and self-sow once established, creating a striking floral carpet over time. They combine beautifully with Hellebores, another outstanding winter bloomer.

Known as Christmas Roses (Helleborus niger) or Lenten Roses (Helleborus x hybridus or orientalis), Hellebores are prized for their profuse and long-lasting blooms as well as for their attractive leathery foliage which remains fresh-looking year-round. Blooming steadily from midwinter to mid spring, Hellebores are tough, cold-hardy, deer or rabbit resistant and easy to grow perennials.

Low care, Hellebores and Cyclamen are invaluable additions to the shade garden and provide gardeners with some of the greatest pleasures in winter. Enjoy!