This charming summer border is a marriage of colors, shapes and textures. Fairly easy to replicate at home, it combines the blue rounded clusters of Agapanthus (Lily of the Nile) with the rich golden-yellow trumpets of Hemerocallis 'Bonanza' (Daylily) and the flat, honey-colored umbels of Achillea 'Walther Funcke' (Yarrow). They are underplanted with the low, cascading mounds of Carex testacea (Hairy Sedge), a clump-forming perennial grass that is valuable for its year-round appeal and regarded as one of the most beautiful ornamental grasses for the garden.

Lily of the Nile produces large globes with individual star-shaped flowers numbering from 20 to more than 100. They open up gradually over a long blooming period, and partner well with daylilies and yarrows, which bloom until fall. 'Walther Funcke' is a prized variety with brick-red flowers fading to terracotta, then creamy yellow, creating a mosaic of warm colors.

Hemerocallis 'Bonanza' is an indefatigable midseason daylily, regarded as an an all-time favorite for perennial gardens.

A plant combination which is long-lasting and low care. Enjoy weeks of color while doing virtually nothing!