These blue and silver plants show to advantage against the stucco wall of this retaining wall. Cascading over the buttery-yellow wall are cool Senecio mandraliscae (blue chalk fingers) and fragrant Rosmarinus officinalis (Rosemary). Sparkling with tiny blue flowers, Rosemary is an evergreen shrub with a particularly long blooming season, extending from fall through spring, hence very desirable along walkways where the blooms will be noticed. The soft blue color of these trailing plants is echoed by the powdery blue-gray rosette of the majestic Agave franzosinii. While many agaves are coated with a waxy glaucus that helps reflect sunlight and conserve water, this agave displays interesting dark green patterns where the wax has been rubbed off as the leaves grow, adding intriguing interest to this combination. The Ponytail Palm (beaucarnea recurvata) gives this border a tropical ambiance and a sense of enclosure.

All plants are evergreen, drought-tolerant and deer resistant. A garden design idea by Debra Lee Baldwin, garden photojournalist and author.