Reflecting a very interesting plant combination, this Californian garden border includes the eye-catching Elegia tectorum (Small Cape Rush), a tufted evergreen perennial with bright green stems adorned by mahogany bands. These mahogany stripes are actually protective sheaths that shield the new growth along each joint. After the stem reaches its final height, those sheaths split apart, flatten out vertically and elegantly curl backward, while remaining attached to the node. They reveal their pale birch-wood interior color, which is so shiny that it catches the sunlight and sparkles, adding luminescent beauty to the plant. 

As if studded with diamonds, Elegia tectorum provides a charming backdrop to the incredibly elegant Agave demestiana 'Variegata' and the evergreen ground-hugging Blue Chalk Stick (Senecio mandraliscae).

All plants are drought tolerant, deer and rabbit resistant. Created by Debora Carl landscape Design, this low maintenance and water wise garden is absolutely ravishing.