Drought tolerant, this Mediterranean front yard displays a pretty combination of succulents which fill the garden with color and texture year round. We can admire the elegant Agave 'Blue Flame' with its gracefully incurved leaves resembling gas flames, Aloe striata (Coral Aloe) with gray-green fleshy leaves that warm up to pink in full sun, Kalanchoe luciae (Paddle Plant) with jade green leaves adorned with vibrant red-wine tips.

Touches of cheerful color are added, raising the temperature and excitement of this plant combination. We note the bright rosy gold Sedum nussbaumerianum (Stonecrop) and dazzling crimson Crassula capitella 'Campfire'.

Echeverias of particular interest have been selected: the extraordinarily prolific Echeveria prolifica (Prolific Echeveria) which creates a small groundcover in no time and the largest flowering Echeveria harmsii (Red Echeveria), whole blooms will amaze you.

A low maintenance and water wise garden created by Amelia B Lima & Associates.