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A plant's performance is not only governed by its hardiness or heat tolerance but also by many other factors such as the length of growing season, timing and amount of rainfall, winter lows, summer highs, wind, and humidity. Sunset Magazine has developed a Climate Zones map, which takes all these factors into account and has long been the standard among gardeners who live in the 13 western states. Unlike the U.S.D.A. map which tells you only where a plant may survive the winter, the Climate Zones map shows where that plant will thrive year-round.

If you know your climate zone, find the best plants or exciting garden ideas for your geographic area.

A Lovely Spring Border Idea with Siberian Irises and Oriental Poppies

This garden bursts with early season color and elegant, frilly flowers. Only two ingredients have been used: Siberian Irises (Iris sibirica) and Oriental Poppies (Papaver orientale). Easy to grow, both these perennial plants require little care while providing a charming floral display.

A Lovely Trio To Try: Mexican Bush Sage, Valerian and Roses

This beautiful trio will add fragrance and long-lasting color in your garden. Drought tolerant, all these plants complement each other in color and serve as a feast for hummingbirds and butterflies.

A Low Care Border Idea for Your Rock Garden

Perfect for rock or gravel gardens, this plant combination includes a mix of succulent and perennial plants, selected for their vivid colors, low care and water needs. Easy to replicate, all plants are deer, rabbit, drought, dry or rocky soil tolerant and most attract nectar-seeking butterflies!

A Low Maintenance Summer Idea for your Borders with Alliums and Grasses

A very interesting border idea for sunny spots of the landscape. Easy to grow and low maintenance, all plants are drought tolerant, deer and rabbit resistant and virtually pest and disease free. Enjoy!

A Lush But Water-Wise Garden

This remarkable oasis, set in Wentworth Falls, Australia, is Arthur Lathouris's own garden, an award-winning landscape designer of 25 years of experience.

A Majestic Walkway

This lovely serpentine bluestone path with plantings of different heights, textures and colors, creates a wonderful experience and feeling as we wander along it.

A Much Admired Spring Idea with Allium and Laburnum

Wow! Such a breathtaking plant combination to cheer you up for weeks in late spring - early summer. Easy to replicate, this planting includes 2 award-winning plants.

A Natural Path

A jaw-dropping casual and fragrant gravel path winding across a superb mix of drought resistant and salt friendly plantings

A Pastel Border Idea for Your Spring Garden

This harmonious spring border has been realized with 4 award-winning flowering bulbs.

A Pastel Border Idea with Astilbes, Hemerocallis and Geranium

This soft plant palette of pastel colors can be enjoyed from early to late summer and includes a few easy-to-grow perennial plants. Attractive to butterflies, hummingbirds and low maintenance, most plants are deer or rabbit resistant and are recipient of prestigious awards.

A Pastel Spring Border Idea with Tulips, Daffodils & Forget-Me-Nots

An enchanting scenery that can be easily replicated at home!

A Perfect Entrance

It is amazing how trailing flowers can add a sense of romance to any spot. Here, the simple and symmetrical entrance of this Mediterranean home is softened by the Clematis, cascading from the front porch in pink swathes delicately swaying in the summer br

A Perfect Garden Decor with Grasses and Verbena

Easy care, drought and deer tolerant!

A Perfect Garden Decor with Roses

Perfect for bringing welcome color to dull walls, privacy screens or fences, they provide an element of beauty to any outdoor structure and create fabulous backdrops. Aside from their amazingly beautiful flowers, they also give off a sweet fragrance and easily add a touch of romanticism to bare settings

A Perfect Summer Border with Grasses and Verbena

Long season of interest and easy care!

A Perfect Summer Border with Grasses, Echinacea and Achillea

This pretty informal border is composed of vigorous grasses and perennials which will enlighten your garden for weeks, from early summer until fall.

A Perfect Summer Border with Tiger Lilies, Echinacea and Sea Holly

Who can resist a border overflowing with colorful perennial flowers? Fairly easy to replicate, this festive border includes a few spectacular elements which provide striking color and contrast to the perennial border

A Prairie Planting Idea with Echinacea, Penstemon and Eryngium

Perfect for dry and sandy soils, this luminous prairie style planting brilliantly associates the cheerful Echinacea paradoxa (Yellow Coneflower) and elegant Echinacea pallida (Pale Purple Coneflower) with the vertical scarlet spires of Penstemon barbatus 'Coccineus' (Beardtongue).

A Prairie Planting Idea with Echinacea, Penstemon and Salvia

Awash with colors and shapes, this luminous prairie style planting brilliantly associates the cheerful Echinacea paradoxa (Yellow Coneflower) with the vertical scarlet spires of Penstemon barbatus 'Coccineus' (Beardtongue) and those of Salvia sclarea (Clary Sage).