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City and Courtyard

Design an escape from the hussle and bussle of the busy city!

Well appointed and designed city gardens and courtyards can provide a welcomed respite for city dwellers, becoming places for relaxation, contemplation, conversation and entertaining friends and family. Urban space being generally limited, careful thought needs to be brought to the overall garden layout. Many urban designs treat these urban oases as extensions of the homes with materials often chosen to complement interior finishes. Planting tends to be minimalist, with fewer plants providing longer seasonal displays or adding architectural interest. The need for privacy is important with wall treatments, pergolas or pleached trees raising the height of boundaries. Water is a popular component of many urban gardens, either acting as a focal point or as a soothing element. Lighting is another key design element enabling owners to enjoy their garden at night too.

City and Courtyard Guides

A Serene Courtyard Designed for Long-Lasting Color and Interest

A peaceful and mesmerizing scene, where we cannot help but admire the purple hues of the delightfully fragrant Spanish Lavender (Lavandula Stoechas) and sculptural Ornamental Onions 'Purple Sensation' (Alliums), delicately undulating in the breeze over a mixed planting of silvery-gray Wormwood (Artemisia) and yellow-blossoming Santolina or Lavender Cotton (Santolina chamaecyparissus).

A Shade Loving Border Idea with Hemerocallis, Hosta and Tiger Lilies

A beautiful plant combination to brighten up a shaded corner of your garden. Attractive to butterflies, hummingbirds and low maintenance, most plants are deer resistant and will come back year after year to charm you!

A Small Asian Backyard

In a small space, every inch counts. In this 20' x 42' (6.5m x 14m) backyard, many places of interest were created in which to sit, wander through, and view.

A Small French Courtyard

You own a small yard and love formal garden styles?

A Sparkling and Low Maintenance Garden

As if studded with diamonds, Elegia tectorum provides a charming backdrop to the incredibly elegant Agave demestiana 'Variegata' and the evergreen ground-hugging Blue Chalk Stick (Senecio mandraliscae).

A Sparkling Border Idea for the Mid-Late Spring Garden

Isn't this overall combination a dazzling way to enliven your garden?

A Sparkling Mediterranean Garden with Agave, Aloe and Euphorbia

Looking good all year-round, most of these plants change color over the seasons for a renewed appeal.

A Spectacular and Long-Lasting Spring Border idea For Weeks of Display

Designed by the renowned international landscape designer, Jacqueline van der Kloet, for Keukenhof - where over seven million bulbs are planted, offering a glorious decor, rich of colors and fragrances - this soft and tender combination of tulips and daffodils truly reflects Jacqueline's art at uniquely painting landscapes with her bulbs' palette, in a much more casual and feminine way than her predecessors

A Spectacular Spring Border Idea with Double Early Tulips & Muscari

A festive and fragrant marriage of tulips and muscari!

A Spectacular Spring Border Idea with Single Late Tulips

A classy, timeless and elegant arrangement!

A Spectacular Spring Border Idea with Tulip 'Ancilla' & Crocus 'Remembrance'

This spectacular bulb combination will happily cheer up your garden in early spring prior to the blooming of the majority of the perennials

A Spectacular Spring Border Idea with Tulip 'Ballerina' & Tulip 'Purple Dream'

Be prepared for a terrific color explosion in your late spring garden!

A Spectacular Spring Border Idea with Tulip 'Ballerina' & Tulip 'Red Shine'

Wow. Such a spectacular spring border! Easy to replicate and low maintenance

A Spectacular Spring Border Idea with Tulip 'Ballerina', Tulip 'Gavota' and Daffodils

Such an explosion of color is easy to re-create at home. So get prepared for a dramatic show in your mid-late spring garden!