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Get terrific ideas for creating beautiful walkways and garden paths. We collect stunning pictures of gardens created by talented professionals and provide you with all the information you need to easily re-create them at home. We include a list of plants used, quantities needed, and a list of nurseries where to find them.

Pathways Guides

A Serene Garden Retreat

Here is a beautiful way of creating a serene garden retreat out of a small yard.

A Side Yard Beauty

This serene, curving limestone paver path would be a real treat for any side yard.

A Singing Mediterranean Pathway

This beautiful flagstone pathway is planted with a palette of long-lasting, brightly colored, low maintenance and water wise, evergreen shrubs and perennials.

A Welcoming Path

Like a secret path nested between the delightfully fragrant blooms of the Wisteria, the vigorous bamboo hedge and sprinkles of joyfully-looking variegated succulents, this entry path follows a winding route where we can leisurely enjoy the mix of colors a

Add Drama And Character To Your Walkways

Add drama and character to your walkways with a pergola. Often arched, they gracefully provide a restful passage between separate sections of the garden, a protected passageway between the house and other areas of the property or act as a landscape focal point

An Eye-Catching Spring Path with Alliums, Tulips and Beardtongue

A colorful plant combination to cheer you up in late spring! Easy to replicate and low maintenance, this combo includes 3 superb top performers

An Inviting Home Entry

Isn't it a very inviting home entry?

Let's Put Art On The Fence!

Tired of looking at your boring garden fence or your neighbors' walls?

Modern Elegance

What a spectacular front yard design!

Secret Garden Entry

Give interest or charm to your side yard!

Softening Path Edges With Ajuga reptans

Ajuga reptans or Bugleweed has been selected here by Arthur Lathouris, an Australian award-winning landscape designer, to soften the path edges leading visitors to the house through the front garden and around the back garden.