Narcissus (Daffodils) are among the easiest bulbs to grow and regarded as some of the most valuable spring bulbs for the South. Long lived, they naturalize and multiply year after year. Highly versatile, they offer a fascinating array of flower forms, sizes, and colors. They also make gardening easy. Once planted, there is nothing left to do: these bulbs can stay right where they are and produce flowers year after year.

However, the farther south one goes, the harder it is to grow plants that have a chilling requirement (necessary exposure to cold). Some daffodils however, do not need this chilling period to bloom and will happily perenialize, coming back year after year.

A number of Daffodil varieties have stood the test of time in southern gardens. As a general rule, the larger the daffodil flower, the less adapted it will be. Therefore, the smaller flowered types and the cluster flowered types are easier and more permanent.

The following daffodils are particularly great for southern gardens. Enjoy drifts of cheerful daffodils year after year!