Adored by florists and gardeners, Ranunculus asiaticus (Persian Buttercups) is a tuberous-rooted plant boasting brilliantly colored flowers adorned with multiple layers of delicate, crepe paper-thin petals. Native to the Eastern Mediterranean region in southwestern Asia and southwestern Europe (Crete, Karpathos and Rhodos) and northeastern Africa, Persian Buttercups produce masses of very long-lasting, single, double or frilled blossoms in a rainbow of gorgeous colors. Borne atop sturdy stems above a lush foliage mound of finely-cut, fernlike leaves, they bloom for about 6 weeks in early-mid summer in cold climates (planted in spring), or in early-mid spring in mild climates (planted in fall).

1. Choose The Right Corms

  • Choose corms that are large, firm, and plump.
  • The size of the corms is highly correlated to the number of flowers per plant. The larger the corm, the bigger the plant and more spectacular the flowers.
  • A jumbo corm will produce up to 35 flowers while a number 1 corm will produce up to 20 flowers, a number 2 corm will produce up to 12 flowers and a number 3 corm will produce up to 7 flowers.

'Telecote White'

'Telecote Orange'

'Cloni Pon-Pon Hermionne'

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2. Select The Right Site

  • Best flowering occurs in full sun.
  • Persian Buttercups thrive in medium moisture, well-drained soils. The soil is best if sandy and slightly acidic. Good drainage is absolutely essential for success.
  • Persian Buttercups are cool-season flowers. They perform best where winters are relatively mild and springs are long and cool. They like cool nights and a sunny location, but not hot days. They are winter hardy in growing zones 8-11, where they should be planted in fall for spring flowers. In zones 4-7, they are usually treated as annuals and the corms are planted in spring for summer blooms. Not sure about your growing zone? Check here.

'Tomer Red'

'Cloni Success Hanoi'

'Delano Yellow'

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3. Planting Your Persian Buttercups

  • It is advisable to soak the corms for an hour before you plant them, or water well when planting.
  • Plant the corms 2 in. deep (5 cm) and 4-6 in. apart (10-15 cm) with the claw side down. Space jumbos 8-12 in. apart (20-30 cm).
  • Cover the corms with soil and water as needed. Mulch around the plants to help keep the soil cool and moist at the root level.

    'Elegance Red'


    Elegance 'Orange'

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4. Aftercare

  • Persian Buttercups benefit from regular watering and bi-weekly applications of a water-soluble fertilizer after the leaves emerge. Mulch around the plants to help keep the soil cool and moist at the root level.
  • Deadhead spent flowers to promote new blooms.
  • If you wish to use the blooms for cut flowers, you should cut the flower stems at a slant when the blooms are in the bud stage for best results. By keeping this in mind, your cut flowers will last longer.