Bearded Irises are irresistible perennials that deserve a place in any garden. Available in a veritable rainbow of colors, they reward us with breathtaking colors from early spring through high summer, and sometimes again in the fall! Easy to grow, they require little maintenance, multiply readily, are deer and rabbit resistant, and quite drought tolerant once established.

Since their vibrant blooms grace the garden over what appears to be a relatively short time, you may want to extend their bloom season by selecting varieties with early season, midseason and late season bloom times. Another way of extending the floral display of your bearded irises is to select reblooming iris varieties, which will flower in spring and again from late summer into fall depending on climate and growing conditions.

Here is a list of spectacular early to early midseason bearded irises with blooms starting as soon as early May. Please note however that bloom times are approximate and highly depend on the weather conditions. You may want to check our list of flamboyant late flowering bearded irises too!