To ensure your plants are growing and flowering well, you may need to improve the structure and fertility of your soil. The best way of doing this, is to add organic matter to help your plants grow faster, become stronger and healthier.


√ Home Soil Test Kit
√ Tiller / Spade
√ Organic Matter

The organic matter is derived from plants and animals remains such as dead plants, plant waste (leaves), animal manure. One of its advantages is its ability to withhold water and nutrients, therefore enabling your plants to better grow. Additionally, it will help your soil to stick together, allowing bacteria to easily decay the nutrients in the soil.

Loosen the soil to give it air. You should till down to 16 inches using a tiller of a spade. While doing this, remove any rocks you may find.

Add a 2-inch layer of organic matter such as compost, grass clipping, leaves, manure and mix it into the soil you have just loosened. These materials will supply bacteria with nutrients for them to thrive and produce more organic matter, which will give your plants enough nutrients to survive and grow

Test your soil to ensure its pH, nutrients and organic content are at adequate levels.