Gardening Tips


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Gardening Tips

Find a collection of practical gardening tips to help you achieve the garden of your dreams. Discover the best roses, award-winning shrubs and trees, acclaimed perennials to beautify your garden. Learn how to extend the bloom season of your plants and enjoy life to the full!

How to remove grass and weeds before planting?

If your planting area is covered with grass or weeds, you will have to totally eliminate them. There are 2 possible methods for this: …

How To Enrich My Garden Soil With Organic Matter?

To ensure your plants are growing and flowering well, you may need to improve the structure and fertility of your soil. The best way of doing …

Has my soil the right pH and level of nutrients ?

To answer this question, the pH and level of nutrients in your soil will need to be checked. No panic, this is fairly easy to do.