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Among the most spectacular summer flowers, Fuchsias are outstanding garden plants with their continuous display of ravishing, dancing blossoms, dangling in clusters like prize jewels. Often blooming from late spring until the first frosts, they are available in a wide range of colors, from luscious pinks and purples to whites and even peach.

Tropaeolum, Common Nasturtium, Indian Cress, Mexican Cress, Peruvian Cress, Garden Nasturtium

Nasturtium: Plant Care and Growing Guide

Learn how to plant, grow and care for Nasturtium and add a bright pop of color all summer long.

Hardy fuchsia, hardy fuchsias, flowering shrubs, summer flowers, fall flowers, hanging baskets

Gorgeous Fuchsias for Your Hanging Baskets and Pots

There are thousands of cultivars and about 110 species found in the wild in Central and South America. Among them, the trailing or cascading Fuchsia varieties, with weak stems that flop and branch freely, are great selections for hanging baskets. Here is a list of superb cascading or trailing Fuchsias. They are unmatched for their elegance and offer a great bonus, too: Hummingbirds love them.

Pelargonium (Geranium)

Pelargonium (Geranium) are popular for their showy flowers, fragrant foliage, and versatility in gardens and containers.


Begonia plants are popular flowering plants with over 2,000 species and countless hybrids. They are native to subtropical and tropical regions and are used as ornamental plants both indoors and outdoors. Begonias are prized for their vibrant flowers, which come in a range of colors and sizes, as well as their attractive foliage.

Calibrachoa (Million Bells)

Calibrachoa, often referred to as Million Bells, is a popular flowering plant known for its prolific, brightly colored blooms and trailing growth habit.

Verbena (Vervain)

Verbenas are valued for their long blooming season, vibrant flower colors, and ability to attract pollinators. They are versatile plants that can be used in various garden settings and require relatively low maintenance.


Impatiens are valued for their shade tolerance and continuous bloom throughout the growing season. They are native to various regions worldwide, including Asia, Africa, and North America. Impatiens are relatively low-maintenance, making them a popular choice for adding color to gardens and landscapes in shady spots.

Coleus scutellarioides (Coleus)

Coleus (Plectranthus scutellarioides, formerly known as Solenostemon scutellarioides) is a popular ornamental plant prized for its stunning, colorful foliage.

Angelonia (Summer Snapdragon)

Angelonia is a low-maintenance, heat-tolerant plant that provides continuous blooms and fragrance throughout the summer. Its resistance to pests and ability to attract pollinators make it a valuable addition to any garden.

Gazania (Treasure Flower)

Native to South Africa, Gazanias (Treasure Flower or African Daisy) are showy tender perennials exhibiting brightly colored daisy-like flowers, up to 4 in. wide (10 cm), over a long blooming season. Ridiculously easy to grow, they tolerate drought, heat, and seacoast conditions, and grow well in most soils. Prized by gardeners for their dazzling colors, Gazanias are ideal plants to add drama to sun-baked sites with dry soil, where other plants would shrivel.

Lobularia maritima (Sweet Alyssum)

Sweet Alyssum (Lobularia maritima) is a fabulous little plant that should not be overlooked! Low maintenance, trouble-free, drought tolerant, it produces a profusion of delightfully scented flowers that will quickly cover your beds and borders with a sea of flowers beautifully mixing with your other annuals or perennials

Tuberous Begonias

Which one is for you?

Mandevilla, Dipladenia, Rocktrumpet, Mandella Treillis Ideas, Mandevilla Bush, Evergreen Vine, Tropical Vine,

Mandevilla: Plant Care and Growing Guide

Unleash the tropical beauty of mandevilla with these easy growing tips!

Vinca major, Greater Periwinkle, Vinca minor, Lesser Periwinkle

Periwinkle: Plant Care and Growing Guide

Unleash the power of periwinkle in your garden with these easy-growing tips!

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