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Water Iris, Iris ensata, Japanese Iris, Iris sibirica, Siberian Iris, Louisiana Iris, Iris laevigata, Iris fulva, Iris pseudoacorus, Iris versicolor, Blue Flag Iris, Iris Virginica, Iris brevicaulis

Irises for the Water Garden

Blooming from late spring to mid-summer, depending upon the cultivar and geographic location, water irises make an attractive backdrop for any pond thanks to their architectural foliage and colorful flowers in shades of white, blue, purple, lavender, red, or yellow.

Hibiscus moscheutos, Rose Mallow, Hibiscus coccineus, Swamp Hibiscus, Hibiscus laevis, Halberd-Leaved Rose Mallow, Hibiscus grandiflorus, Swamp Rose Mallow

Hardy US Native Hibiscus to Grow

There are about 31 species of native hibiscus in the United States. Prized for their huge, flamboyant flowers, they add exotic, tropical punch in the garden, patio or containers. Though they conjure up images of the tropics, some native hibiscus species can withstand cold winter temperatures.

Iris ensata (Japanese Iris)

Native to Japan, Japanese Irises (Iris ensata) are among the most elegant and breathtaking Irises. More refined and less conspicuous than the Tall Bearded Irises, these Beardless Irises feature huge orchid-like flowers that are a delight to gaze at.

Iris sibirica (Siberian Iris)

Siberian Irises are terrific herbaceous perennials, rich with many qualities: fabulous looking, long display season, easy to grow, low maintenance and trouble free! Their exquisite flowers come in an array of gorgeous blue, purple, red-violet or yellow with newer cultivars in brown and orange shades, and can have a variety of forms from upright to flat and round. After blooming, their grass-like foliage of upright, blade-shaped leaves, is also one of their most attractive garden features as it remains fresh-looking all season.

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