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Create a Garden with Great Winter Interest

Winters may be long and cold, but your garden can allay that dreariness and be transformed into a place of natural beauty with visually arresting textures, colors, fragrance and flowers. To create such a beautiful winter scene, you need to make sure you select the right plants.

Winter Garden, Early Spring Garden, Shrubs with berries, evergreen shrubs, Red berries, Purple Berries, Golden Berries, Winter Berrries

Shrubs and Trees with Colorful Fruits and Berries in Winter

Some trees and shrubs display beautiful fruits in late summer or fall, which persist into winter. In a glorious display of crimson, orange, yellow or even purple, their attractive berries adorn their branches in eye-catching bouquets, which gleam like jewels in the soft sunlight.

Winter Garden, Fall Garden, Early Spring Garden, Shrubs with berries, evergreen shrubs, Purple Berries, Purple Fruit, Callicarpa, Beautyberry, Beauty Berry, Purple Beautyberry

Attractive Shrubs and Trees with Purple Fruits and Berries

Grabbing our attention with the unusual color of their berries, some trees and shrubs create a spectacular show of intense purple fruits in late summer or fall, when few other flowering shrubs offer color. In a terrific display of violet or amethyst, their attractive berries adorn their branches and become the highlight of the winter landscape.

Winter Garden, Fall Garden, Early Spring Garden, Shrubs with berries, evergreen shrubs, White Berries, White Fruit, Cornus, Dogwood, Symphoricarpos, Snowberry, Callicarpa, Nandina

Attractive Shrubs and Trees with White Fruits and Berries

As some plants owe their charm to spectacular flowers, handsome leaves or colorful fruits, others are valued for their quiet beauty, peeping out here and there in the fall and winter garden. White-berried plants fall into this last category. Adding ornamental interest to the late season garden, most will remain into the winter, providing gardeners, birds and wildlife with holiday cheer.

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