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Companion Planting With Annuals

Companion planting with annuals can be a great way to improve the health and productivity of your garden. Annual plants are those that complete their life cycle in one growing season, and they can provide a burst of color and interest to any garden.

Cosmos Flowers

With finely cut leaves, slender stems, and showy daisy-like flowers, Cosmos is a long-blooming annual which belongs in every garden. Ridiculously easy to grow, fairly pest-free, and low maintenance, add this charming and graceful plant to the landscape, and you will be rewarded with plentiful blossoms and happy butterflies!

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Native Plant Alternatives to Cosmos bipinnatus (Garden Cosmos)

Cosmos bipinnatus (Garden Cosmos) is listed in the Invasive Plant Atlas of the United States. The federal government has estimated that nearly 25 percent of the 20,000 plant species native to North America are at risk of extinction, many of these through habitat loss. You can help reverse this trend by planting great native plants in your garden.

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Plants with Pink Flowers to Add Romance to Your Garden

Pink flowers can bring a pop of color and a sense of joy to any garden or floral arrangement. From delicate pastel hues to bright and bold shades, there are a variety of pink flowers to choose from, such as roses, peonies, and carnations.

Cosmos, Cosmos Flower, Cosmos Flowers, Cosmos bipinnatus, Cosmos sulphureus, Cosmos atrosanguineus, Mexican Aster, Garden Cosmos, Yellow Cosmos, Sulfur Cosmos, Chocolate Cosmos

Cosmos: Plant Care and Growing Guide

Here are some tips on how to plant and grow cosmos successfully

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