Plant Selection Guides


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Plant Selection Guides

Find a collection of plant selection guides to choose the right perennials, shrubs, trees, grasses, flowering bulbs for your beds and borders, backyard, front yard or patio. Discover the best roses, award-winning shrubs and trees, acclaimed perennials to beautify your landscape. Let us help you achieve the garden of your dreams and enjoy life to the full!

Asiatic Lilies

Highly popular, Asiatic hybrid Lilies are among the earliest to bloom in early-mid summer, and the easiest to grow. They offer a wide array of colors, from the softest pastels to fiery reds and oranges that practically ignite when the sun shines on them. They feature straight stems, high bud counts and generally brightly spotted blossoms and vary in shape from simple open bowls to flowers with exquisitely recurved petals. Asiatic Lilies enjoy a long blooming season (up to 1 month) but most of them are unscented. Planted in spring or fall, they thrive in full sun to part shade locations and do great as potted plants or as cut flowers. They are not fussy about soils, provided they are fertile and well-drained. Good moisture is required and dry soils should be avoided.

Attractive Evergreen Shrubs and Trees with Red Fruits and Berries

Winters may be long and cold, but your garden can allay that dreariness and be transformed into a place of natural beauty with visually arresting textures or colors. Some trees and shrubs display fiery red berries in late summer or fall, which persist into winter. In a glorious display of crimson, scarlet or vermillion, their branches are studded with jewelled clusters of berries. Every garden should contain an ornamental shrub or tree with hanging clusters of berries. Pleasing to the eyes, the fruits on some species are also a great source of food for the birds.

Trumpet Lilies

Blooming in mid summer, Trumpet Lilies enjoy a heavy, sweet fragrance and huge waxy trumpet flowers. Adding distinction and elegance to the garden, their colors vary from pure glistening white to bright gold, yellow, pink, plum, apricot, with some having dramatic maroon petals on the outside of the trumpet.

Species and Wild Lilies

Species Lilies are wild lilies, native to North America, Europe, and especially Asia. Delicate and full of charm, there are about 80 to 100 accredited Species.

Most Fragrant Species Lilies

Species Lilies are wild lilies, native to North America, Europe, and especially Asia. Delicate and full of charm, they make good garden plants and usually enjoy a subtle fragrance

Most Fragrant Trumpet Lilies

Blooming in midsummer, Trumpet Lilies enjoy a heavy, sweet fragrance, and their huge waxy trumpet flowers, up to 6-10 in. long (15-25 cm), may be pendant, widely flaring in a shallow bowl shape or be upward facing.

Most Fragrant Oriental Lilies

Known as the most flamboyant personalities within the world of lilies, Oriental Hybrid Lilies are characterized by their immense flowers, intense fragrance and rich colors.

Most Fragrant LA Hybrids and Orienpet Lilies

Interdivisional Hybrid Lilies are the result of crossing between the various Hybrid Divisions. Many exude a delightful fragrance that will stop you when you pass by!

Great Perennial Plants to Grow with Your Favorite Dahlias

Injecting color, drama and late-summer fireworks in the garden, dahlias look fabulous on their own or combined with other plants. Many are graceful and integrate well into most borders, creating appealing planting combinations and providing interest from mid summer until the first frost.

Dahlias with Dark Foliage

These unusual dahlia species are really worth mentioning and should not be overlooked by the gardener. Why? Because these beauties offer masses of stunning flower colors that contrast strikingly with their deep mahogany to black foliage. Effect in the garden guaranteed! Here is the roster of these most popular beauties.

Best Shrubs for Mediterranean Gardens in Cool Countries

Gardens in northern climates can capture the charm, romance and warmth of the Mediterranean style. Thousands of plants from the Mediterranean region thrive in cooler climates, with the added bonus that most are drought tolerant and low-maintenance.

Best Perennials for Mediterranean Gardens in Cool Countries

Here is a list of suitable perennials for your Mediterranean Garden. Most of them grow wild in the Mediterranean region and will thrive in more temperate gardens. Plant them in drifts around your Mediterranean shrubs and enjoy your new landscape!

Wisterias with Attractive Fall Foliage

Wisterias are deciduous climbers. Despite the fact that they lose their leaves in the fall, some varieties and cultivars reward us first with brilliant golden-yellow foliage before falling, extending their season of interest. Most Wisteria floribunda (Japanese Wisteria) display attractive fall colors, but some are more remarkable than others.

Great Climbers and Vines for Mediterranean Gardens in Cool Countries

Climbers and vines add an exciting dimension to the Mediterranean garden with their brightly colored flowers, fantastic foliage or juicy fruits hanging like porcelain drop earrings. Great at covering pergolas, arbors and other decorative structures, they provide a relief from the sun and a fabulous opportunity to fill the air with their heavenly-scent.

Wisterias with Remarkable Flower Colors

Wisterias are available in a wide range of color ranging from white, lavender-blue, lilac, pink, mauve, purple, lilac, to rich pink. While color is a matter of taste, it should be noted that some Wisteria cultivars exhibit remarkable flower colors

How To Choose The Right Wisteria

Most gardeners are unaware of the wide range of characteristics offered by Wisteria species and their cultivars in terms of bloom season, fragrance, length of flower clusters (racemes), flower colors, fall foliage.

Best Wisterias for Pergolas

If you wish to cover a pergola, the best effect will be obtained by Wisterias with long racemes. Here is a list of top favorites for their impressive flower tresses

Most Fragrant Wisterias

All Wisterias are scented. Some varieties release a musky fragrance while others exude a sweet scent. Their fragrance ranges from faint to strong to almost overpowering.

Best Wisterias for Walls

If you wish to cover a wall, while most wisterias would be effective and charming grown in this manner, the short-racemed Wisterias would be more successful.

Wisterias with Dramatic Flower Clusters

The length of Wisteria racemes is an important factor to consider when buying.

Favorite Wisteria Varieties

If you are not sure which species or cultivar to select for your garden, you may want to take a look at the most popular Wisteria varieties and those rewarded with prestigious awards.

Wisteria Varieties for Small Gardens

Wisterias are vigorous, deciduous climbers that need a large amount of growing space. However their lacy foliage and exceptional beauty in bloom can still be enjoyed in small gardens

Great Shrubs with Fruits for Winter Interest for Mid-Atlantic Gardens

Plant one of these shrubs or small trees and enjoy a spectacular display from late summer through winter. They all possess brightly colored fruits and are an excellent way to brighten the drab winter garden, turning sorry spots into beautiful focal points.

Best English Roses for Pots and Containers

Container gardening is a very pleasant and easy way to grow English roses. Their dazzling beauty and seductive fragrance are right up to eye and nose level for your guaranteed pleasure. Containers are also a fabulous option for those lacking garden space or facing soil and drainage issues.