Plant Combinations: Aquilegia


A Pretty Planting Combination with Alliums, Poppies and Columbines

This lovely plant combination is rich of many exciting contrasts in colors and shapes. Popping up from the flowerbed like so many out-stretched ostrich necks are the tall and elegant flower spikes of Verbascum 'Carribean Crush' (Mullein) and the dense white puffball flower umbels of Allium 'Mont Blanc'.

A Serene and Elegant Border Idea for your Garden

This naturalistic woodland garden is a 'vision of romance and elegance', as described by its designer, Tom Stuart-Smith. So, get inspired and enjoy the beauty of this low maintenance combination.

An Eye-Catching Border Idea with Lupines, Avens and Mullein

Wow! Such a vibrant plant combination to cheer you up for weeks in late spring - early summer! Easy to replicate and low maintenance. Most plants are deer and rabbit resistant!

A Very Attractive Border Idea for Your Garden

This plant combination demonstrates that ornamental and edible plants can be mixed together with great success. Easy to replicate, most of the plants selected for this spectacular summer border are deer, rabbit or drought tolerant!

Peonies and Companion Plants - Pink & Violet Theme

To help you plan your late spring or early summer garden, here is a plant combination, in shades of pink and rich violet, which includes 4 fabulous peonies that will bloom in succession

Bearded Irises and Companion Plants - Pink & Blue Theme

Adding splashes of color in your late spring garden, this pairing will lengthen your bloom display and provide weeks of color until early summer.

A Romantic Spring Garden Idea with Peonies, Irises and Flower Bulbs

This romantic and delicate planting includes mostly plants that are chalk and lime tolerant. Ranging from creamy white to blush and deepening to clarets and blues in the meadow, their soft colors create a sense of exquisite tranquillity and deep relaxation. A wonderful way to celebrate late spring and early summer.

An Eye-Catching Border Idea with Allium, Aquilegia and Papaver

Wow! Such a lovely plant combination to cheer you up for weeks and impress your neighbors in late spring - early summer! Easy to replicate, low maintenance, this perennial planting is not only colorful but is also deer resistant!

A Spring Border Idea with Lilac, Columbine and Meadow Rue

This ravishing garden scene can be enjoyed in late spring or early summer. Perfect for small gardens, this refreshing plant combination includes many award-winning plants which are all low maintenance, deer and rabbit resistant!