Plant Combinations: Cornus - Dogwoods


A Glowing Winter Border with Dogwood, Heath and Grasses

This incredibly pretty planting includes plants of great winter interest that will lift your spirits during the dull days of winter.

An Eye-Catching Winter Border Idea with Colorful Twigs and Cyclamens

Low maintenance and fairly easy to replicate, this planting includes top performing plants which have been awarded prestigious awards. Enjoy a glorious and colorful spectacle from winter to even spring!

A Cheerful Winter Border Idea with Hellebores and Cyclamens

Low care, Hellebores and Cyclamen are invaluable additions to the shade garden and provide gardeners with some of the greatest pleasures in winter.

A Pretty Spring Border with Allium, Poppies and Wedding Cake Tree

One of the most stunning variegated trees, Cornus controversa 'Variegata' (Wedding Cake Tree) makes a wonderful focal point for a small to medium-sized garden. In this pretty late spring garden, it has been paired with the bold red blossoms of Papaver orientale 'Beauty of Livermere' (Oriental Poppy) and the architectural white Allium 'Mount Everest' (Ornamental Onion).

A Treasured Winter Border Idea with Hellebores, Sedge and Dogwood

Create splendid winter combinations like this one. Choose easy-to-grow evergreen plants that will add texture and color to the garden from fall to spring.

A Sparkling Spring Border Idea with Heaths, Daffodils and Siberian Squill

Get your winter landscape to burst into vivid life! Remember to plant a few Winter Heaths. Evergreen, they are terrific plants thanks to their fabulous ability to change color year-round. Low maintenance, deer or salt resistant, winter hardy, drought tolerant (once established) and fairly easy to grow, they do not require much: decent drainage and some sunshine.