Plant Combinations: Gladiolus - Sword Lilies


An Eye-Catching Spring Border with Allium, Sword-Lilies and Grasses

Adding a hot punch of color in the late spring garden, bold magenta Gladiolus communis ssp Byzanthinus (Byzantine Gladiolus) and purple Allium 'Firmament' (Ornamental Onion) hover around the exceptionally graceful Mexican Feather Grass (Stipa Tenuissima) and the luminous Eryngium bourgatii 'Picos Blue' (Mediterranean Sea Holly). Adding grace and cheerful color to the landscape, this plant combination will put a smile on your face for many weeks!

Dahlias and Companion Plants - Pink & Lavender Theme

To help you plan your summer or early fall garden, here is a plant combination, in shades of glowing pink and soft lavender, which includes 3 fantastic Dahlias, 'Gerrie Hoek', 'The Phantom' and 'Karma Choc'.

Bearded Irises and Companion Plants - Peach & Purple Theme

Adding splashes of color in your late spring garden, this pairing will lengthen your bloom display and provide weeks of color until early-mid summer.

A Breathtaking Duo

Great for small gardens, borders, containers or in a vase!

A Charming Duo

Two breathtaking beauties for a duo that is easy to re-create at home in borders, containers or in a vase!

A lovely Hedge Idea with Sword-Lilies and Foxtail Lilies

Wouldn't you just love to relax and enjoy the passing summer in this welcoming garden, replete with this subtle mix of soft colors?