Plant Combinations


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Plant Combination Ideas

All gardeners want to create exciting borders in terms of color, form, or texture. However, pairing plants in a beautiful or dramatic fashion is not always easy. How best to pair perennials or shrubs? What blooms with what and when? What plants to pick for a shady border, dry or wet soils, hot summer or cool winter gardens?

Our goal is to guide you all along the process and provide you with winning design ideas. We collect stunning pictures of gardens created by talented professionals and provide you with all the information you need to easily re-create them at home. We include a list of plants used, quantities needed, and a list of nurseries where to find them.

A Spectacular Spring Border Idea with Scarlet Tulips and Cotinus

Create spectacular spring borders like this one. Underplant the spectacular Cotinus coggygria 'Royal Purple' (Smokebush) with the fiery red blossoms of Tulip 'Couleur Cardinal' for a magnificent display in early to mid spring.

A Spectacular Spring Border Idea with Tulip 'Zurel' & Wallflowers

Pure enchantment! Underplant tulips with low-growing flowers that blossom simultaneously. The long-stemmed tulips will emerge from a frothy bed of blooms.

A Striking Spring Border Idea with Tulip 'Cape Cod' & Daffodil 'Hawera'

Cheerful colors in mid spring that will put a smile on your face!

A Spectacular Spring Border Idea with Tulip 'Ballerina' & Tulip 'Red Shine'

Wow. Such a spectacular spring border! Easy to replicate and low maintenance

An Eye-Catching Border Idea with Tulip 'Ballerina', Tulip 'China Pink' & Tulip 'Red Shine'

Here is a stunning bulb combination that will make your garden look fantastic in late spring

An Eye-Catching Spring Border Idea with Tulip 'Ballerina' & Tulip 'Red Shine'

Create a sweeping swath of color with a mix of elegant lily-flowered tulips. Easy to replicate and low maintenance

A Romantic Border with Tulip 'Mount Tacoma' & Tulip 'Cummins'

A fascinating and romantic display for late spring!

A Glowing Spring Border Idea with Parrot Tulips

For an array guaranteed to take your breath away!

A Colorful Border Idea for Your Early-Mid Spring Garden

Sunny colors for the early-mid spring garden!

A Romantic Border Idea for Your Mid-Late Spring Garden

Easy to realize, this fresh and classic border combines pastel tulips with delightfully fragrant daffodils for a charming display in mid-late spring.

A Fragrant and Long-Lasting Border Idea for Your Mid-Late Spring Garden

Extremely easy to re-create in no time. You have to try it! Both plants have won the prestigious Award of Garden Merit of the Royal Horticultural Society for their outstanding merits