A member of the Lily family, Erythronium (Dog Tooth Violet) are charming bulbous perennials grown for their nodding, lily-shaped flowers adorned with gracefully reflexed petals in spring. Equally attractive is their foliage of elliptic leaves, often copiously marbled with purple-bronze. Easy to grow, they are lovely in groups under deciduous trees, in rock gardens or near ponds and streams where they will happily multiply.

  • Erythronium include over 20 species, most from Western North America but there are also a few in eastern North America and Eurasia.
  • They grow up to 4-12 in. tall (10-30 cm).
  • They flower best in partial shade in moist, well-drained soil. They need moist soil, even when dormant - do not let the soil dry out!
  • They are great naturalizers and gleefully multiply to quickly form pretty colonies without becoming invasive.
  • Easy to grow, durable and long-lived, they are trouble-free, and deer and rabbits seldom eat them.
  • Perfect for the mid to late spring garden, they are beautiful garden plants and deserve a spot in borders, open woodlands, rockeries or near ponds and streams.
  • To be planted in fall. Propagate by division after flowering.