Loebner Magnolia is the hybrid result of a cross between Magnolia kobus and Magnolia stellata. It is a deciduous small tree with star-like white flowers in early to mid spring. While the blossoms are fairly small, 4-6 in. across (10-15 cm), they are packed with up to 15 long and narrow tepals and create an impressive floral display. Fragrant, the flowers can be pure white, blush-pink, lilac pink or pink. Blooming a couple of weeks later than Magnolia stellata, they appear on naked branches before the narrowly elliptic leaves unfurl. They are often followed by cone-like fruits that ripen to red in late summer.

Loebner Magnolia enjoys a rounded habit and is most often grown as a multi-trunked tree than as a single trunk tree. It makes a splendid spring flowering specimen tree for lawns or shrub borders. It should be sheltered from strong winds and late frosts, where possible. While very hardy, its blooms, like those of most early blooming Magnolias, are susceptible to late frosts.