Stately and elegant, Abies nordmaniana 'Golden Spreader' is a slow-growing evergreen conifer of great beauty, particularly in the winter garden. While this dwarf Nordman fir sports a soft green color in summer and fall, its needles turn bright golden-yellow in winter. Literally glowing in the landscape, 'Golden Spreader' is a perfect choice to enliven a shady area of the garden. Compact, with a broadly conical growth habit, this miniature conifer deserves a spot in the rock garden and container.

  • Winner of the prestigious Award of Garden Merit of the Royal Horticultural Society
  • Grows up to 3 ft. high (90 cm) and 5 ft. wide (150 cm).
  • Performs best in full sun to part shade, in organically rich, acidicmoist, well-drained soils. Since it tends to burn in the full sun, it should be grown in partial shade where it will still exhibit excellent color.
  • Virtually pest and disease free, easy to grow, easy to care for and rarely browsed by deer.
  • No pruning required. If it gets a vertical leader, prune it out to keep the habit.
  • Propagate by seed
  • Native to the Caucasus Mountains.