Incredibly popular, award-winning Acer japonicum 'Aconitifolium' (Full Moon Maple) is a large bushy deciduous shrub or small tree with attractive foliage and stunning fall color. Emerging bright green in spring, the palmate, almost fern-like leaves are deeply cut into 7-11 lobes. One of the most desirable features of this cultivar is its intense fall coloration, when the leaves develop brilliant scarlet and carmine tones tinged with purple. Since they persist a long time on the plant, they provide a long-lasting fall display. Small red flowers appear in spring before the leaves and give way to samaras which ripen in late summer to early fall, adding attractiveness to the display. This Full Moon Maple enjoys an upright, compact habit and forms a densely branched, bold and beautiful tree, one of the best small trees you can grow.

This cultivar was originally known as 'Maiku jaku', which means dancing peacock. The Western name of 'Aconitifolium' is so well known now that it is preferred.

  • Recipient of the prestigious Award of Garden Merit of the Royal Horticultural Society for its outstanding qualities
  • Grows up to 8-10 ft. tall and wide (240-300 cm).
  • A full sun or part shade lover, this plant is easily grown in moist, organically rich, slightly acidic, well-drained soils. Mulch helps retain soil moisture and keep roots cool. Best leaf color in partial shade. Although full sun is tolerated, leaves may scorch in full sun in hot southern summers.
  • Perfect as a specimen plant in cottage gardens, city gardens or for containers.
  • Low maintenance, this plant needs little pruning. If pruning is necessary, prune during the dormant season and avoid pruning in spring when the sap is running. Fertilize in spring before the leaves emerge.
  • May be affected by horse chestnut scale, aphids, verticillium wilt.
  • Propagate by grafting or softwood cuttings