Providing architectural height to borders, Alcea rosea 'Halo Blush' (Hollyhock) is a short-lived perennial which produces tall, sturdy spikes of large, funnel-shaped, white, single flowers, adorned with a bright fuchsia-red halo and yellow throat. Blooming from early to midsummer, the striking flowers are arranged all round the spike and bloom from the bottom up. An old garden favorite, Hollyhock is best when grown against a wall or fence or at the back of the border.

  • Grows vigorously up to 5-6 ft. high (150-180 cm) and 2 ft. wide (60 cm). Hollyhocks easily self-seed and can establish colonies in the garden.
  • Performs best in full sun, in average, medium moisture, well-drained soils. Tolerates a wide range of soil conditions, but will not tolerate wet winter soils. Partial shade is appreciated in the hottest climates.
  • Easy to grow, Hollyhock is a welcomed addition to beds and borders and cottage gardens.
  • The flowers are attractive to hummingbirds, which hover near the blossoms, and to butterflies. Rabbit resistant.
  • Propagate by seed sown in gentle heat in mid-winter or in-situ in spring
  • Cut back after flowering.