Prized for its colorful flowers and attractive foliage, Aloe arborescens (Torch Aloe) is an evergreen succulent shrub with branching stems holding many decorative rosettes. Each rosette consists of widely spreading, gray-green, sword-shaped leaves with conspicuous pale teeth along their edges. In winter, large, conical, bright red to orange flower spikes are borne in profusion above the foliage, brightening up the dull winter garden. The inflorescences are usually unbranched, with two or more arising from a single rosette. Offsets normally appear around the base when plants are two or three years old. This plant makes a dramatic focal point in sunny borders or decorative containers.

  • Grows with a shrubby habit up to 6-10 ft. tall and wide (180-300 cm).
  • Easily grown in sandy or gravelly, moist or drywell-drained soils in full sun or light shade. Water moderately throughout the year but more sparingly in winter. In the growing season feed a balanced liquid fertilizer 2 or 3 times. Drought and salt tolerant.
  • Great for beds and borders, hedges, coastal gardens, rock gardens, succulent gardens or Mediterranean gardens. Ideal as an accent plant in sunny borders or in decorative containers.
  • Deer resistant. The flowers produce nectar and are attractive to birds and bees
  • Excellent fire-retardant succulent for wildfire-prone areas.
  • Virtually disease free. Watch for scale insects and mealybugs.
  • Native to South Africa