Adding a delicate airiness to the landscape, Anthriscus sylvestris (Cow Parsley) is a robust short-lived perennial with abundant and elegant, lacy umbels of frothy white flowers floating atop mounds of fresh green, sharply-cut, pinnate leaves. Often turning purple with age, the flowers gracefully mingle with other plants, adding unmatched elegance. Blooming over a long flowering period, from mid spring until early summer, Anthriscus sylvestris is easy to grow, requires very little care and is ideal for moist or shaded fertile soils.

  • Vigorously growing up to 3-5 ft. high (90-150 cm) and spreading up to 2-3 ft. (60-90 cm), Cow Parsley is an ideal addition to prairie plantings, wildflower gardens. Valued for its airy ferny foliage and delicate flowers, it makes an excellent foil for larger-flowered or bolder-leaved perennials.
  • Performs best in full sun or part shade, in well-drained soils. Cow Parsley is not fussy about soil conditions, but is intolerant of very wet or very dry soils. Some drought tolerance once established if given some shade.
  • Add this charming and graceful plant to the landscape and you will be rewarded with happy butterflies, bees and pollinating insects!
  • Propagate by seed. Sow seeds in a cold frame in autumn or spring
  • Will freely self-seed under satisfying growing conditions. Deadhead to prevent prolific self-seeding.
  • Native to Eurasia