Noted for its unique cold hardiness, its showy flowers and the quality of its foliage, Camellia 'Winter's Star' is a lovely early season camellia from the U.S. National Arboretum Collection. Tough and reliable, this evergreen camellia can be successfully grown in regions as cold as USDA Zone 6b. Blooming in the fall over 4 to 6 weeks (October - November), each single flower, 3-4 in. wide (7-10 cm), consists of 6 violet-pink petals surrounding a center boss of bushy golden stamens. Petals are shed individually when blooms are completed, eliminating the need for any deadheading by the gardener. The foliage of leathery, slightly glossy, dark green leaves is very ornamental. 

'Winter's Star' is a hybrid camellia resulting from a cross between Camellia oleifera (cold hardiness) and Camellia hiemalis 'Showa-no-sakae' (flower form).

  • This shrub enjoys an upright habit and grows up to 4-6 ft. tall (120-180 cm) with a slightly larger spread of 5-7 ft. (150-210 cm)
  • A part shade to full shade lover, this plant is best grown in consistently moist, acidic, organically richwell-drained soils. Provide a site sheltered from cold, dry winds as buds and flowers may be damaged by cold winds. Protect from early morning sun and from direct hot summer afternoon sun.
  • Camellias are susceptible to some viruses and fungal diseases including leaf spots, anthracnose, black mold, petal blight, canker and root rot. Watch also for aphids, planthoppers and spider mites.
  • Mass in mixed shrub borders for dramatic winter blooms. Great flowering shrub for woodland gardens or as screen and hedge. Perfect as a specimen plant and may be effectively grown in tubs or large containers.
  • Apply a root mulch (leaves or shredded bark)
  • Prune after flowering. Prune to thin branching and to control size and shape.