Noted for its unusual multicolored blooms, Geranium 'Sweet Heidy' (Cranesbill) is a mounding, spreading perennial with bowl-shaped flowers over a long blooming season. Opening pink, the blossoms turn purple with dark veining and a white center. Blooming from early to late summer, the flowers rise above a neat, dense foliage of deeply cut, lobed leaves. Easy to grow, Geranium 'Sweet Heidy' provides long-lasting color in the garden, as a ground cover or underplanting shrubs and roses. Full shade tolerant.

  • Grows with a slight trailing habit, up to 12-18 in. in height (30-45 cm) and 18-24 in. in spread (45-60 cm)
  • Performs best in full sun or part shade in well-drained soils. Full shade is tolerated. This plant is not fussy about soils provided they are well-drained. Established plants have some drought tolerance.
  • Generally deer and rabbit resistant, this Geranium is attractive to butterflies!
  • A great addition to beds and borders,cottage gardens, gravel gardens. Perfect as a ground cover or underplanting roses and shrubs.
  • Requires very little maintenance and is generally not subject to serious pest or disease issues. May be occasionally affected by vine weevil, capsid bug, sawflies and powdery mildews
  • Remove flowered stems and old leaves to encourage the production of fresh leaves and flowers.
  • Propagate by division in spring or propagate by basal cuttings in early to mid spring and root with bottom heat