Native to the Mediterranean island of Majorca, Helleborus lividus (Majorcan Hellebore) is an evergreen perennial with open clusters of up to 8 or 10 outfacing, cup-shaped, pale rose-pink to silver-green flowers, 1-2 in. wide (3-5 cm). Blooming heavily for weeks from mid winter to early spring, these delicate beauties flatten as they age and rise on short green stems with a varying degree of pink flushing. The glossy leaves are divided into three blue-green leaflets with a striking silvery veining which creates a marbled effect. The most distinctive feature of this plant is its pink tint on the undersides of the foliage, on the stems, the leaf petioles and the flowers. Showy and long-lasting, this Hellebore is noticeably less cold-hardy than others. It is hardy from Zones 8 to 9 but marginally hardy in Zone 7.

  • Grows up to 12-18 in. tall (30-45 cm) and 18-36 in. wide (45-90 cm).
  • Performs best in part shade, in rich, humusy, moist, alkaline, well-drained soils. Protect this plant from extreme cold with a light mulch of straw.
  • Drought tolerant once established, it is deer resistant.
  • Easy to grow, this plant is a welcomed addition to shady borders, containers, under trees or large shrubs, woodland gardens or naturalized areas.
  • Watch for snails and aphids or hellebore leaf spot.
  • Remove faded or damaged foliage as the flowers appear
  • Propagate by seed sown in pots in a cold frame as soon as seed is ripe
  • Ingestion may cause severe discomfort; skin irritant.