Perfect for the late summer garden, Lycoris sprengeri (Electric Blue Spider Lily) is a charming bulbous perennial boasting attractive umbels of 4-6 fragrant, trumpet-shaped, pink flowers, up to 2 in. across (5 cm), with 6 slightly reflexed tepals adorned with tie dye blue streaking at their tips. Blooming in late summer to early fall, the blossoms appear on naked stems. The foliage of narrow, strap-shaped, dark green leaves emerges in spring and then dies back in mid-summer. Shorter in stature, Lycoris sprengeri is a lovely flowering bulb of great appeal in the late season borders or containers.

  • Grows up to 12-18 in. tall (30-45 cm) and 6-12 in. wide (15-30 cm). Plants will naturalize by bulb-offsets to quickly form small colonies.
  • Best flowering occurs in full sun in organically rich, medium moisture, well-drained soil that dries out in summer. Water lightly until top growth emerges, then moderately during its growing period. Protect in colder areas with a deep, dry mulch over winter. In areas with wet summers grow as a container plant.
  • This plant deserves a prime spot in beds and borders and is well suited for cottage gardens or large containers. Plant in groups of 3-5 minimum for best visual impact.
  • Virtually pest and disease free. Deer resistant and attractive to butterflies and hummingbirds!
  • Plants are best left undisturbed in the soil.
  • Native to China