A popular choice for gardens, Malus x zumi 'Golden Hornet' (Crabapple) is a medium-sized deciduous tree with a long season of interest. Opening from pink buds, masses of fragrant pure white blossoms appear in late spring, just as the fresh green foliage is unfolding. The blooms are followed by huge crops of conspicuous, slightly oval, golden-yellow fruits, 1 in. wide (2.5 cm), which persist on the tree for a long time. The fruits can be harvested to make delicious crabapple jelly. 'Golden Hornet' is widely planted among fruiting apple trees because its lavish floral display is a prolific source of pollen for fertilizing the other trees.

  • Grows up with a broad rounded crown to 30 ft. tall (10 m) and 25 ft. wide (8 m).
  • A full sun or part shade lover, this tree is easily grown in moderately fertile, well-drained soils.
  • Perfect as specimen plant, in city gardens or cottage gardens.
  • Require only minimal pruning in late winter or spring, to remove damaged, diseased or misplaced growth.
  • Propagate by chip budding in late summer. Grafting can be carried out in midwinter