Ribes rubrum 'Red Lake' is a compact Red Currant for culinary or dessert use. This deciduous shrub produces clusters of pale green flowers in spring. They are followed by a heavy crop of long, drooping clusters of medium to large, edible, bright red currants which ripen in mid-summer. Juicy and flavorful, the fruits can be eaten fresh from the shrub or can be used in sophisticated foods, drinks and desserts. The erect canes are moderately vigorous and clothed in mid-green, 3-5 lobed leaves which are aromatic when crushed. This plant is self-fertile and moderately resistant to powder mildew.

  • Recipient of the prestigious Award of Garden Merit of the Royal Horticultural Society.
  • Grows up to 3-5 ft. tall and wide (90-150 cm).
  • A full sun to part shade lover, this plant is easily grown in organically rich, medium moisture, well-drained soils. Prefers full sun but appreciates some shade in hot summer areas. Site in a location protected from strong winter winds and frost pockets.
  • Attracts scores of butterflies and birds but is ignored by rabbits.
  • May take 4-5 years for plants to become well-established and reach full fruit-bearing potential.
  • Keep an eye out for aphids, scale insects and sawflies.
  • Prune as needed during the dormant season. Summer pruning of vigorous laterals
  • Propagate by hardwood cuttings in autumn.