Well-behaved, award-winner Sedum spathulifolium 'Purpureum' (Stonecrop) is a ground-hugging evergreen perennial forming an attractive carpet of fleshy, spoon-shaped, reddish-purple and silver leaves, which whorl around the tips, creating cute rosettes. Attractive to butterflies, clusters of bright yellow starry flowers appear atop short, thick stems in summer. Although hardy, this sedum does not overwinter reliably in regions with wet and freezing winters. A great choice for rock gardens, decorative containers. It makes a lovely groundcover, particularly in the Pacific Northwest where it thrives.

  • Recipient of the Award of Garden Merit of the Royal Horticultural Society
  • Grows with a spreading and sprawling habit up to 4-6 in. tall (10-15 cm) and 8-12 in. wide (20-30 cm).
  • Best grown in full sun or partial shade, in moderately fertile well-drained soils. Protect from excessive winter wet.
  • Perfect for rock gardens, containers or for garden edging.
  • Cut back after flowering to maintain shape
  • Watch for slugs, snails, vine weevil or root rot.
  • Propagate by seed or division in spring