Perfect for small gardens, Syringa 'Red Pixie' is a dwarf, deciduous shrub of upright, rounded habit that gets covered with a profusion of sweetly-fragrant panicles of deep reddish-pink flowers that fade to pale pink. Blooming in late spring to early summer, this small lilac often repeats bloom in late summer or early fall. The small, bright green leaves remain attractive in summer and turn yellow in fall. Ideal for small spaces.

  • Grows up to 4-6 ft. tall and wide (120-180 cm).
  • A full sun lover, this plant is easily grown in fertile, humus-rich, alkaline to neutral, dry to medium, well-drained soils. Thrives in chalk but dislikes acidic soils. Adaptable to poor soils, dry soils or compacted soils. Tolerates light shade, but the best flower production occurs in full sun. Appreciates mulching when planted in full sun. Drought, heat and dry soil tolerant. Needs good air circulation.
  • No serious insect or disease problems. May get leaf-mining moths, thrips or be affected by lilac blight
  • Flowers attract butterflies and hummingbirds but are deer resistant.
  • Plant as a specimen or massed in mixed shrub borders for dramatic spring blooms. Use it in the perennial border to add structure to a bed. Great flowering shrub that is perfect for formal or informal flowering hedges or foundation plantings.
  • Propagate by greenwood cuttings or layering in early summer. Grafting in winter and budding in summer.
  • Prompt removal of faded flowers before seed set will increase the bloom production in the following year