Prized by gardeners for its dense, erect, tall spikes of bright violet-blue flowers, Veronica longifolia 'Blue Giant' or 'Blauriesin' (Speedwell) never fails at providing a great display in the summer garden. Extremely showy, the flowers open from the base upward from early to late summer. These attractive inflorescences are very decorative and are nicely complemented by the lance-shaped foliage of light to grayish-green leaves.

  • Growing in bushy, upright clumps, up to 3-4 feet high (90-120 cm) and 1-2 feet wide (30-60 cm), this Veronica is a perfect choice for borderscottage gardensprairies, rock gardens or meadows. Exceptional as cut flowers and great as edging plant too! Best when planted in groups.
  • Performs best in full sun, in averageevenly moistwell-drained soils. Will thrive in rich loamy soils. Tolerates light shade
  • Easy to grow, Speedwell requires very low care and is fairly pest and disease-free (some susceptibility to mildew). It is attractive to butterflies and hummingbirds, but resistant to rabbits and deer.
  • Remove spent flowers to promote additional blooms. Midsummer shearing after the first flowering encourages healthy new basal foliage as well as late summer flowering. May require staking, specifically if your Veronica is grown in less than full sun conditions or if the soil is overly moist or fertile.
  • Propagate by division, cuttings or seed. Lift, divide and replant every third year.
  • From central and northeastern Europe to southwest Asia, Korea and China.

Noted for their graceful and bountiful flowers, Speedwells (Veronica Longifolia) are long-blooming, easy-care perennials that are prized for the distinctive vertical lines they bring to the landscape. Their spiky flowers, in shades of white, blue, pink, purple or violet, rise like slender wands which enliven the garden with color and clouds of butterflies.