Award-winning Vinca major 'Variegata' (Periwinkle) is an evergreen, mat-forming, subshrub or perennial with long prostrate rooting stems covered with ivory-margined, sea green leaves. Borne on arching shoots over a long season, large violet-blue flowers, 2 in. across (5 cm), appear in mid-spring and continue to flower intermittently throughout summer into fall. The long, trailing stems root at the nodes as they go along the ground to form a dense carpet of rich foliage. Excellent for suppressing weeds, this variegated periwinkle is vigorous and makes a lovely groundcover for large expanses of ground. Adds a finish touch to hanging baskets and containers where its cream and green foliage happily dangles on stringy stems.

  • Recipient of the prestigious Award of Garden Merit of the Royal Horticultural Society
  • Grows up to 8-18 in. tall (20-45 cm). When grown in the ground, this periwinkle will sprout upward, tumble over, and grow in a lush tangle. Plant 8 in. apart (20 cm) for quick cover of smaller areas. Plant 12-18 in. apart (30-45 cm) to cover large areas.
  • Thrives in full sun to part shade in average, dry to medium moisture, well-drained soils. Tolerates close to full shade but flowers best in full sun. Dry soil and drought tolerant.
  • Excellent choice as a groundcover, for banks and slopes or underplanting shrubs. Good cover for bulbs and excellent selection for hanging baskets, window boxes and containers.
  • A hardy, low-maintenance and forgiving groundcover, it is also deer and rabbit resistant
  • No serious pest or disease issues. May be subject to aphids or rust.
  • Propagate by division in spring or autumn and by semi-hardwood cuttings in summer.