Highly popular, Eupatorium maculatum (Atropurpureum Group) 'Gateway' (Joe-Pye Weed) is loved by gardeners for its large, densely packed clusters of mauve-pink flowers, up to 8 in. wide (20 cm), atop sturdy reddish-purple stems. Fragrant, the blossoms are attractive to bees and butterflies in search of nectar. The foliage is also very handsome with its lance-shaped, dark green leaves radiating from the stem to form a whorl of 3-4 leaves.
'Gateway' is noted for being more compact than the species, growing shorter and bushier with tighter and thicker flower heads. This is a strong growing perennial which provides a wonderful garden presence and makes a great background plant

  • Hardy, Eupatorium maculatum 'Gateway' blooms profusely from midsummer to fall and remains extremely attractive throughout winter thanks to its ornamental seed heads that persist and provide food for the birds. They are particularly striking when covered in hoar frost or snow.
  • This upright perennial elegantly rises up to 5-6 ft. (150-180 cm) and spreads 2-3 ft. wide (60-90 cm).
  • Combines beautifully in striking color combinations with other perennial plants such as Asters, Helianthus or ornamental grasses. Very useful and adaptable in the garden, this is an excellent choice as an accent plant, or for borders, cottage gardens, meadows, wild gardens, rain gardens. Good as cut flowers too!
  • Low maintenance and trouble-free, Joe Pye Weed performs best in full sun to part shade. It thrives in average, medium to wet, well-drained soils. Fertile, moist soils are preferred. It will tolerate salt, clay and wet soils, but not dry sites. This plant does not perform well during hot, dry summers.
  • Deer and rabbit resistant.
  • Winner of the GreatPlants award, which is a joint effort between the Nebraska Nursery, Landscape Association and the Nebraska Statewide Arboretum. 
  • Eupatorium maculatum is a North American native found in moist woods and meadows from southern Canada to Florida and west to Texas.