Adding excitement to the garden, English Rose 'Anne Boleyn' features lovely rosette-shaped, small blossoms (2.25 in. or 5 cm), packed with petals (110 petals) of the softest, warmest pink. They are produced in large sprays and borne on gracefully arching stems atop a soft green, highly polished foliage. Free-flowering and highly disease resistant, 'Anne Boleyn' enjoys a mild fragrance and makes a superb choice for the border or pots and containers.

  • Blooming in flushes from late spring to fall, it provides a charming and fresh display that is a feast for the eyes
  • Enjoying a short, arching growth, this ravishing and vigorous shrub is an excellent repeat bloomer whose striking beauty allows it be treated as a specimen plant in the landscape. It is also a superb addition to the border. Its medium size allows it to fit small gardens and makes it perfectly suited to container planting.
  • Grows up to 3 ft tall and across (90 cm).
  • Best grown in full sun in rich, fertile with adequate moisture, well-drained soils.
  • David Austin’s English Roses combine the flower forms and perfume of Old Roses with the color range and repeat-flowering habits of modern roses. As Rose breeder, David Austin’s achievement is in marrying the romantic “English Rose” look with reliable garden performance, vigorous growth, full bushes, disease-resistance and prolific season-long bloom. Over 200 English Roses have been released since 1961, many of them receiving the highest rewards.