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Upper South

Selecting plants suited to the Upper South climate is a key step to success.

Various initiatives have taken place to determine how well plants would withstand the cold winter temperatures (Plant Hardiness Zones) or when plants would start suffering from the heat (Plant Heat Zones).

The Upper South region lies in USDA Plant Hardiness Zone 6 and in AHS Heat Zones 2 through 8. It typically enjoys four distinct seasons. Rain and snowfall tends to be evenly distributed throughout the seasons.

If you know your hardiness zone and heat zone, find the best plants or exciting garden ideas for your geographic area.

Allium nigrum (Ornamental Onion)

Attractive flat-topped creamy flower heads! Despite its name, Allium nigrum is a white flowering onion, featuring creamy-white or pale lilac flat clusters of starry silvery florets with a green center.

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Allium oreophilum (Pink Lily Leek)

Allium oreophilum (Pink Lily Leek) is a compact, hardy bulb with delicate, loose umbels of rosy reddish-pink, star-shaped flowers adorned with darker midveins. The blossoms are mounted on wiry gray-mauve stems and rise above narrow, semi-erect, gray-green leaves.

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Allium Rosenbachianum (Showy Persian Onion)

Blooming about two weeks earlier than the other large Alliums, Allium rosenbachianum (Showy Persian Onion) is a bulbous perennial with large, rounded umbels, 4 in. across (10 cm), packed with up to 50 deep-purple, star-shaped flowers adorned with prominent, white stamens.

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Allium roseum (Rosy Garlic)

Alium Roseum is a beautiful sight with its elegant, exquisitely-scented clusters of pale to rich pink, star-shaped flowers forming umbels up to 3 in. wide (7 cm).

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Allium schoenoprasum (Chives)

Great for spicing up salads or edging borders! Chives (Allium schoenoprasum) are cultivated both for their culinary uses and their ornamental value.

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Allium schubertii (Ornamental Onion)

Grown for its unique and attractive display of loose, star-shaped, rose-purple flowers that bloom in giant, spherical umbels in late spring.

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Allium senescens 'Blue Eddy' (Ornamental Allium)

Reminiscent of swirling eddies of water, Allium senescens 'Blue Eddy' is a bulbous perennial forming a very compact clump of elegantly swirling, blue-gray to gray-green leaves. In late summer to early fall, profuse, rounded umbels, 1.5 in. across (4 cm), tightly packed with pale lilac pink flowers are borne atop leafless stems just above the attractive foliage. The flowers are both long lasting and excellent as cut flowers. A charming addition to the rock or herb gardens.

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Allium senescens (German Garlic)

Allium senescens (German Garlic) is a bulbous herbaceous perennial which forms a tuft of twisted, grassy-looking, green leaves and produces up to 30 fragrant round balls of soft pink-lilac flowers atop upright stems in mid to late summer. Lasting for several weeks, they attract butterflies and hummingbirds.

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Allium sphaerocephalon (Drumstick Allium)

Adds interest and movement to the border with its dense egg-shaped flower heads atop straight and slender stems, delicately turning from green to purple as they mature.

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Allium stipitatum 'White Giant' (Ornamental Onion)

One of the tallest white Alliums, Allium 'White Giant' features huge globes, 6-8 in. wide (15-20 cm), densely packed with hundreds of snow-white flowers adorned with emerald green eyes. They are borne atop sturdy, upright stems and rise above the foliage of upright, strap-shaped, glossy green leaves.

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Allium unifolium (Oneleaf Onion)

Allium Unifolium (Oneleaf Onion) is a compact perennial with delicate clusters of up to 30 fairly large, star-shaped, satiny, rose-pink flowers. The blossoms are borne atop the foliage of short gray-green basal leaves. Blooming in late spring to early summer, this charming Allium spreads freely in the garden without being a pest.

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Allium ursinum (Wild Garlic)

More tolerant of part shade conditions than most Aliums, Allium ursinum (Wild Garlic) is a vigorous, bulbous perennial with loose umbels, 2 in. across (5 cm), counting up to 20 star-shaped white flowers. The blossoms are borne on erect, leafless stems and rise above pairs of elliptic, linear, deep green basal leaves. If bruised or crushed, the foliage exudes a strong onion or garlic aroma.

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Alliums (Ornamental Onions)

Alliums are plants of exquisite beauty that deserve a place in perennial gardens. Easy to grow and undemanding, these very ornamental bulbs distinguish themselves by their great diversity in color, inflorescence, flowering height and bloom times. Many species bloom in early summer - just after the spring-flowering period and just before the exuberant full bloom of summer. 

Alstroemeria 'Inca Ice' (Peruvian Lily)

Hardier than most, Alstroemeria 'Inca Ice' (Peruvian Lily) is a tuberous perennial with lance-shaped, dark green leaves and a profusion of long-lasting, large, funnel-shaped flowers with soft apricot pink and creamy yellow petals, adorned with burgundy streaks. Blooming from early to late summer, this Peruvian Lily is quite vigorous and produces loads of flowers over a long period.

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Alstroemeria 'Inca Joli' (Peruvian Lily)

Hardy, Alstroemeria 'Inca Joli' (Peruvian Lily) is a tuberous perennial with lance-shaped, dark green leaves and a profusion of long-lasting, large, funnel-shaped, fiery orange-red flowers, adorned with golden throats and burgundy streaks. Blooming from late spring to late summer, this Peruvian Lily is quite vigorous and produces loads of flowers over a long period.

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Alstroemeria 'Mauve Majesty' (Peruvian Lily)

Hardy, Alstroemeria 'Mauve Majesty' (Peruvian Lily) is a tuberous perennial with lance-shaped, dark green leaves and a profusion of long-lasting, large, funnel-shaped, bright mauve pink flowers, adorned with a creamy yellow throat and burgundy streaks.

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Alstroemeria (Peruvian Lily)

An essential component of many bouquets thanks to their long vase life (over 2 weeks), Peruvian Lilies (Alstroemeria) are striking beauties that also deserve a spot outdoors.

Amaranthus cruentus 'Velvet Curtains' (Purple Amaranth)

Exotic-looking, award-winning Amaranthus cruentus 'Velvet Curtains' is a vigorous annual or biennial plant with erect, dark crimson plumes and stunning, ovate, red colored foliage. It enjoys an upright, bushy habit and helps create dramatic mixed borders. Great for the back of the border or as a filler, its long-lasting flower spikes make excellent cut flowers that are prized by florists for their beauty. 

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Amaryllis 'Alfresco' (Hippeastrum)

Amaryllis 'Alfresco' will take your breath away. How not to be mesmerized by this stunning beauty with large, fully double (almost triple!), pure white flowers, 6 in. across (15 cm), resembling peonies and adorned with a delightful chartreuse throat?

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Amaryllis 'Aphrodite' (Hippeastrum)

Named after the Greek goddess of love, Amaryllis, 'Aphrodite' (Hippeastrum) is a graceful beauty with huge, white, double flowers, up to 9 in. across (22 cm), delicately brushed with blush-pink on the petal tips and adorned with blood-red thin margins. Each flower is packed with 13-17 broad tepals and 3-10 petaloids.

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Amaryllis 'Apple Blossom' (Hippeastrum)

Award-winning Amaryllis 'Apple Blossom' (Hippeastrum), an old-time favorite, is a real knockout with its large, funnel-shaped, white flowers, up to 7 in. across (17 cm), delicately brushed with soft pink. Long-lasting, they are adorned with an extensive bright green throat lined with a ring of red dots. Introduced in 1954, this large flowering Amaryllis is one of the most popular pink Amaryllis.

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Amaryllis 'Athene' (Hippeastrum)

Brightening up any home during winter, Amaryllis 'Athene' is quite fascinating with its large, frilly edged, pure white flowers, up to 7 in. across (17 cm), adorned with a vivid lime-green throat.

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Amaryllis 'Benfica' (Hippeastrum)

Attention-seeking with its regal blooms, Amaryllis 'Benfica' (Hippeastrum) features large, rich blood-red, velvety flowers, up to 8 in. across (19 cm), adorned with a lovely sheen towards the throat.

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Amaryllis 'Blossom Peacock' (Hippeastrum)

Slightly fragrant, Amaryllis 'Blossom Peacock' (Hippeastrum) is a stunning beauty with large, white, fully double flowers, up to 7 in. across (17 cm), delicately touched with rosy-pink along the edges. The pretty blossoms are packed with 15-18 tepals and up to 2 petaloid stamens. A magnificent double flowering Amaryllis noted for the exquisitely proportioned and perfectly sculptured blooms.

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