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Asarum - Wild Gingers

Perfect for the shade garden, Asarum (Wild Ginger) includes about 70 species of evergreen or deciduous, rhizomatous perennials, most of which are native to north temperate areas. Mat-forming, they are used mainly as ground covers whose glossy heart-shaped or kidney-shaped leaves, often mottled with white or yellow, are incredibly eye-catching. Their common name comes from the ginger-like smell that arises from the roots when bruised or cut. Asarum are not culinary gingers.

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Asarum canadense (Canada Wild Ginger)

Tough and undemanding, Asarum canadense (Canada Wild Ginger) is a deciduous rhizomatous perennial boasting downy, heart-shaped to kidney-shaped, matte dark green leaves, 6 in. wide (15 cm).

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Asarum caudatum (Western Wild Ginger)

Asarum caudatum (Western Wild Ginger) is an evergreen rhizomatous perennial boasting shiny, heart-shaped, dark green leaves, 2-5 in. wide (5-12 cm), which exude a spicy ginger fragrance when crushed.

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Asarum europaeum (European Wild Ginger)

Asarum europaeum (European Wild Ginger) is a slowly spreading ground cover that is primarily grown for its glossy, leathery, heart-shaped, dark green leaves (to 3 in across - 7 cm) which remain evergreen in mild winters.

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Asarum hartwegii (Sierra Wild Winger)

Asarum hartwegii (Sierra Wild Winger) is an evergreen rhizomatous perennial boasting heart-shaped, glossy green leaves, 2-4 in. wide (5-10 cm), with conspicuous silver veining.

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Asarum splendens (Chinese Wild Ginger)

Noted for its superb foliage, Asarum splendens (Chinese Wild Ginger) is a vigorous rhizomatous perennial boasting large, elongated, heart-shaped, dark green leaves splashed with shimmering silver.

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