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Cymbidium - Boat Orchids

Grown and revered in China for thousands of years, Cymbidium (Boat Orchid) is a genus of 50 orchid species found in nature from India to Southeast Asia, China, Japan, Indonesia, and Australia. Boat Orchids are epiphytic (growing on trees), lithophytic (growing on rocks) or terrestrial orchids with ovoid or elongate pseudobulbs, linear or strap-shaped leaves and fleshy white roots. Several long-lasting showy flowers, sometimes scented, with a distinctive 3-lobed lip are borne on erect or arching flower spikes from the bases of the pseudobulbs. Cymbridium hybrids are among the most widely grown orchids. In Australia, New Zealand, parts of the United States, they are grown outdoors.

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Cymbidium 'Magic Chocolate' (Boat Orchid)

Cymbidium 'Magic Chocolate' (Boat Orchid) is a tall orchid hybrid boasting upright racemes studded with long-lasting flowers. It is a cross between Cymbidium erythraeum and Cymbidium Vogel's Magic.

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Cymbidium (Boat Orchids)

Among the oldest horticultural orchids in the world, Cymbidiums have been grown and revered in China for thousands of years. Prized for their incredibly decorative flower spikes, used especially as cut flowers or for corsages in the spring, they are among the most popular orchids in cultivation today.

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Cymbidium bicolor (Two-Colored Cymbidium)

Cymbidium bicolor (Two-Colored Cymbidium) is a large epiphytic orchid species boasting long, arching, or pendulous scapes studded with up to 26 fragrant flowers. Blooming in the spring and summer, the sparsely arranged blossoms, 1 3/4 in. across (4.5 cm), feature sepals and petals usually with bright yellow margins and brown scarious basal sheaths.

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Cymbidium ensifolium (Sword-Leaf Cymbidium)

Cymbidium ensifolium (Sword-Leaf Cymbidium) is a terrestrial orchid species boasting upright spikes studded with 3 to 9 well-spaced, intensely, and pleasantly fragrant flowers. Blooming in midsummer to early fall, the blossoms, 3 in. across (6.5 cm), feature yellow or green sepals and petals veined with red or brown lines, and green, pale yellow or white lips adorned with red streaks.

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Cymbidium floribundum (Golden Margin Orchid)

Cymbidium floribundum (Golden Margin Orchid) is a small terrestrial, lithophytic or epiphytic orchid species boasting 6-10 in. (15-25 cm) erect inflorescences studded with up to 10-40 usually not scented flowers. Blooming in the spring, the closely spaced blossoms, 1-1.5 in. across (2-4 cm), feature reddish brown or occasionally greenish yellow sepals and petals and a white lip adorned with red spots.

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Cymbidium lowianum (Low's Boat Orchid)

Cymbidium lowianum (Low's Boat Orchid) is a large lithophytic or epiphytic orchid species boasting long, arching stems with 12 to 40 flowered inflorescences enveloped by sheaths and triangular floral bracts with long-lasting flowers.

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Cymbidium Sarah Jean gx 'Ice Cascade' (Boat Orchid)

Cymbidium Sarah Jean gx 'Ice Cascade' (Boat Orchid) is a miniature orchid hybrid boasting numerous pendant, gently arching racemes densely studded with long-lasting, slightly fragrant, white flowers, 2 in. across (5 cm). Blooming once a year between 3-10 weeks, depending on the temperature, the blossoms cascade from the occasionally spotted, evergreen foliage. Ice Cascade can be grown in a conservatory, home, or garden, as long as the outside temperature does not fall below 41°F (5°C). 

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Cymbidium tracyanum (Tracy's Cymbidium)

Cymbidium tracyanum (Tracy's Cymbidium) is a large lithophytic or epiphytic orchid species boasting 3-4 long, arching stems giving rise to 10 to 20 flowered inflorescences with triangular floral bracts and strongly fragrant flowers.

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