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Dendrobium - Orchids

Dendrobium is a diverse genus of more than 1000 species of epiphytic (growing on trees), lithophytic (growing on rocks) or (rarely) terrestrial orchids. Distributed throughout tropical and subtropical Asia, the islands of the south Pacific and Australia, they feature elongated, stem-like pseudobulbs bearing linear to ovate leaves. Racemes of showy flowers are produced from nodes along the stems mainly in spring. They can last one day to many weeks, depending on the variety. Many Dendrobium go through a growth phase and then a rest phase during the year, and must be given water and temperature to match these periods of growth and rest.

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Dendrobium (Orchids)

Dendrobium is a diverse genus of more than 1000 orchids species distributed throughout tropical and subtropical Asia, the islands of the south Pacific and Australia. These orchids are usually epiphytic (growing on trees), lithophytic (growing on rocks) and rarely terrestrial. Since the Dendrobium genus is so large and complex, the cultural requirements of these spectacular orchids will depend on their native habitat and the section of the genus to which they belong.

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Dendrobium anosmum (Unscented Dendrobium)

Dendrobium anosmum (Unscented Dendrobium) is a large epiphytic orchid boasting long, arching to pendulous canes, 4 ft. (120 cm), bearing oblong elliptic, deciduous, fleshy and glossy green leaves, 5-7 in. long (12-18 cm). In the spring, pleasantly fragrant, lavender flowers, up to 4 in. across (10 cm), with two burgundy spots on either side of the lip, arise from the leafless nodes.

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Dendrobium bigibbum (Cooktown Orchid)

Dendrobium bigibbum (Cooktown Orchid) is a medium to large, hot growing, epiphytic or lithophytic orchid bearing long, green or reddish purple stems, 4 ft. (120 cm), with 3 to 12 egg-shaped leaves, 3-6 in. long (8-15 cm). Blooming usually from spring to mid summer, long lasting flowers, up to 3 in. across (7 cm), held in arching racemes of 2-20 blossoms, are borne near the apex of the leafy or leafless canes.

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Dendrobium Gatton Sunray gx (Orchid)

Dendrobium Gatton Sunray gx (Orchid) is a large orchid boasting long, arching to pendulous racemes crowded with soft yellow, fragrant flowers, 2 in. across (6 cm), with a burgundy wine colored lip. Blooming in the spring, Gatton Sunray is a magnificent orchid hybrid originated by Colman in 1919. It is a cross of Dendrobium pulchellum and Dendrobium Illustre.

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Dendrobium kingianum (Pink Rock Orchid)

Dendrobium kingianum (Pink Rock Orchid) is usually a lithophyte but is occasionally an epiphytic or rarely a terrestrial orchid. In late winter to mid spring, it boasts charming racemes, 6 in. long (15 cm), of up to 15 sweet-scented, pink, purple or white flowers, up to 1.5 in. across (4 cm), adorned with a crimson or purple veined or blotched lip.

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Dendrobium lindleyi (Lindley's Dendrobium)

Dendrobium lindleyi (Lindley's Dendrobium) is a miniature to small sized epiphytic orchid with short, thick, spindle-shaped pseudobulbs (stems), 2 in. long (5 cm), bearing a single, leathery leaf. The thick, elliptical leaves, 1-3 in. long (2-7 cm), are evergreen. Blooming in winter and spring, the plant produces wonderful showers of golden flowers.

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Dendrobium nobile (Noble Rock Orchid)

Dendrobium nobile (Noble Rock Orchid) is an epiphytic or lithophytic orchid boasting short racemes of 2-4 sweet-scented, rose-pink flowers, up to 2 in. across (5 cm), adorned with a dark purple lip. Blooming from winter into spring, the showy and delicate flowers arise from the leafless nodes and they last 3-6 weeks.

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