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Deutzia x Hybrida ‘Magicien’ Lemoine, Deutzia ‘Magicien’, Deutzia pulchra,Deutzia scabra,Deutzia gracilis, Deutzia longifolia, Flowering Shrub, bicolor flowers, bicolor Deutzia, Pink Deutzia, Pink Flowers


Hardy and low-maintenance, Deutzia are charming flowering shrubs of medium size, often with flaking bark, that are graced for a few weeks  in late spring with flowers carried in clusters. Ranging from white through to shades of pink and carmine, most Deutzias have blooms that are very fragrant. They are perfect at providing the garden with structure and serve nicely in borders or informal hedges.

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Deutzia gracilis 'Nikko' (Slender Deutzia)

Ideal for small gardens, Deutzia gracilis 'Nikko' is considered one of the best Deutzia cultivars thanks to its great horticultural merits.

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Deutzia x hybrida 'Magicien' Lemoine

A lovely Deutzia hybrid, award-winning Deutzia x hybrida 'Magicien' is a dense, upright, bushy shrub with elegantly spreading, arching stems and particularly attractive sprays of star-shaped pink and white flowers, 1 in. wide (2.5cm) across.

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