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Fothergilla Major, Mountain Witch Alder, Large Fothergilla, Tall Fothergilla, dwarf Fothergilla, Fothergilla gardenii


Quite spectacular, Fothergilla are rounded deciduous shrubs with four seasons of interest. In spring, white bottle-brush blooms appear with their delightful, honey-like fragrance and last for a few weeks before being replaced by beautiful, green to blue-green foliage. These US natives feature broadly ovate leaves that often warm up to golden-yellows, bright oranges or intense reds, or combinations of all in the fall.  Once the fall foliage is gone, the zig-zag branch habit of these upright, small shrubs adds to winter interest. There are only two species of Fothergilla in the Eastern US, Fothergilla major (Large Fothergilla) and Fothergilla gardenii (Dwarf Fothergilla). Both are superb.

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Fothergilla gardenii 'Blue Mist' (Dwarf Fothergilla)

Distinctive for its soft blue summer foliage, Fothergilla gardenii 'Blue Mist' (Dwarf Fothergilla) is a deciduous, dwarf ornamental shrub which adds long-lasting beauty to the landscape during 3 seasons. In spring, this compact, slow-growing, mounded shrub gets beautifully covered with honey-scented, upright, creamy-white bottlebrush-like flowers

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Fothergilla major (Mountain Witch Alder)

Native to the southeastern U.S., Fothergilla major (Mountain Witch Alder) is a slow-growing, deciduous shrub that is admired for its delightfully fragrant, bottlebrush-like, white flowers in spring, its leathery blue-green summer foliage, its spectacular fall color (leaves turn fabulous shades of yellow, orange and red-purple) and excellent disease resistance.

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