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Iris Germanica - Bearded Irises

Iris germanica (Bearded Iris) are showy garden additions with their attractive swordlike leaves and incredibly beautiful flowers. Blooming in early summer, with some Iris varieties reblooming later in the summer, they are easy to grow and low maintenance plants. Bearded Irises are available in a wide range of size (from dwarf bearded iris to tall bearded iris), color, some are fragrant, all are fabulous!

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Bearded Irises

Punch up your garden with color! Showiest members of the genus 'Iris', Bearded Irises should have a place in any garden.

Iris 'About Town' (Bearded Iris)

Ravishingly beautiful, Iris 'About Town' is a sumptuous Tall Bearded Iris ruffled and laced to perfection. The sumptuous flowers feature silvery mauve to silvery lilac standards sitting on a wine-red violet skirt delicately edged with a lilac ribbon

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Iris 'Above The Clouds' (Bearded Iris)

Long blooming season! Iris 'Above The Clouds' is a vigorous and striking Tall Bearded Iris with heavily ruffled sky blue standards and broad falls contrasting with the delicate creamy-yellow beards.

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Iris 'Absolute Crush' (Bearded Iris)

Well named, the onlooker is challenged not to have a crush on this beauty! Iris 'Absolute Crush' is ravishingly beautiful with its delicately ruffled, powder puff standards, slightly brushed with creamy-yellow, and elegantly sitting atop pale jacaranda falls which contrast with the tangerine beard.

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Iris 'Absolute Treasure' (Bearded Iris)

Noted for its tall stature and sweet fragrance, award-winner Iris 'Absolute Treasure' is a very impressive bearded iris with heavily ruffled sky blue standards floating above slightly paler falls and pleasantly contrasting with the white beard white, tipped gold. A definite diva in the spring garden. 42 inches tall (105 cm).

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Iris 'Acapulco Gold' (Bearded Iris)

Remarkable garden impact! With brilliant golden yellow, ruffled flowers and an abundant flowering ability, award-winning Iris 'Acapulco Gold' is a very attractive German Iris which creates a stunning effect in the garden.

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Iris 'Anything Goes' (Bearded Iris)

A splendid addition to the spring border, award-winning Iris 'Anything Goes' stands out with its rosy pink standards, deeper rose falls superbly veined from their throat 2/3 way down, and conspicuous bright tangerine beards.

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Iris 'Autumn Circus' (Reblooming Bearded Iris)

Reblooming Iris 'Autumn Circus' is a classy Tall Bearded Iris with beautifully ruffled and flared white standards, elegantly veined with blue-violet, a coloration which intensifies gradually toward their edges.

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Iris 'Autumn Tryst' (Reblooming Bearded Iris)

Putting on two fabulous shows in spring and early fall, Iris 'Autumn Tryst' is an incredibly beautiful and distinctive iris with white blossoms, attractively overlaid with rosy lavender at their edges and exhibiting a delicate pale yellow beard.

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Iris 'Before The Storm' (Bearded Iris)

Regarded as one of the blackest irises available, multiple award-winning Iris 'Before The Storm' is a mesmerizing dark beauty which has been incredibly popular since its introduction in 1989.

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Iris 'Belgian Princess' (Bearded Iris)

Sweetly fragrant and a veritable standout in the spring garden, award-winner Iris 'Belgian Princess' is a striking midseason bearded iris with large heavily ruffled blooms.

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Iris 'Best Bet' (Reblooming Bearded Iris)

Very floriferous, award-winner Iris 'Best Bet' is a remarkable reblooming iris with richly colored blossoms that create drama in the spring garden.

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Iris 'Better Than Butter' (Bearded Iris)

Noted for its fragrance and beauty, Iris 'Better Than Butter' beams in the spring garden throughout the bloom season. This lovely Tall Bearded Iris features ruffled silky white standards, elegantly trimmed in glittering golden yellow

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Iris 'Beverly Sills' (Bearded Iris)

One of the most sought-after iris! How not to resist the wide and perfectly formed flowers with their lacy, coral pink petals and tangerine beard?

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Iris 'Black Gamecock' (Louisiana Iris)

Incredibly vigorous, award-winning Iris 'Black Gamecock' (Louisiana Iris) is quite striking with its huge, velvety deep purple flowers, 4-6 in. across (10-15 cm), adorned with delicate gold highlights on each petal. Blooming between late spring and mid summer (depending on the region), this southern native will multiply quickly if sited properly

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Iris 'Black Swan' (Bearded Iris)

Noted for the dark velvety texture and great substance of its beautifully formed and lightly ruffled flowers, award-winning Iris 'Black Swan' adds drama in the garden with its deep purple standards and dark purple, almost black falls. Its thick, wide beard, created by a blending of purple and yellow hairs, gives depth and richness to the lustrous dark flowers.

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Iris 'Blue Rhythm' (Bearded Iris)

Magnificent and delightfully scented, award-winner Iris 'Blue Rhythm' features very large cornflower blue flowers delicately softened with a silvery overtone.

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Iris 'Blueberry Bliss' (Bearded Iris)

A refreshing sight in the spring garden, award-winning Iris 'Blueberry Bliss' is a rich dark beauty with luscious, generously ruffled, deep blue-violet flowers which provide a stunning contrast with lighter colored perennials.

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Iris 'Catch A Star' (Bearded Iris)

Incredibly luminous, Iris 'Catch A Star' is an exceptionally elegant Tall Bearded Iris with richly laced, pure-white petals, remarkably accented by a tangerine beard. Huge, the blooms reach up to 7 in. (18 cm)

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Iris 'Cee Jay' (Bearded Iris)

Introducing a bold and elegant statement in the spring garden, multiple award-winning Iris 'Cee Jay' is an eye-popping Intermediate Bearded Iris with pristine white blooms adorned with a deep blue-violet rim on its nicely ruffled edges.

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Iris 'Celebration Song' (Bearded Iris)

Vigorous, long blooming season! Multiple award-winning Iris 'Celebration Song' is exceptionally beautiful with its apricot-pink standards, lavender-blue falls and tangerine beards.

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Iris 'Celestial Flame' (Bearded Iris)

Easy to combine with most color themes, Iris 'Celestial Flame' is exquisitely beautiful, with its heavily ruffled, luminous white flowers contrasting the bright tangerine beards.

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Iris 'Champagne Elegance' (Reblooming Bearded Iris)

Sweet orange blossom fragrance! Iris 'Champagne Elegance' is an incredibly beautiful and distinctive iris with its near-white standards, contrasting with soft apricot ruffled falls and a delicate amber beard.

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Iris 'Champagne Walz' (Bearded Iris)

Noted for its vigor and beauty, Iris 'Champagne Walz' adds a ray of sunshine in the spring garden. This midseason iris features creamy white falls adorned with an apricot yellow ribbon around their gently ruffled edges, and crowned by apricot-yellow standards.

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