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Juncus - Rushes

Resembling grasses, Juncus (Rush) are annuals, deciduous or evergreen perennials, forming clumps of strongly upright or tightly curled, cylindrical stems. Often a mainstay for growing at the edge of a pond with aquatic plants and grasses, Rushes can be an attractive vertical element in the garden or in a container arrangement. They need extremely minimal maintenance, are relatively pest and disease free and usually look best in consistently moist soils.

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Juncus effusus (Common Rush)

A good vertical accent plant, Juncus effusus (Common Rush) is a clump-forming, evergreen, rhizomatous perennial boasting smooth, upright, rounded, bright green stems that form arching fans.

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Juncus inflexus (Hard Rush)

Juncus inflexus (Hard Rush) is a rhizomatous perennial forming a dense tuft of upright, rounded, gray-green to glaucous blue stems. From late spring to midsummer, loose clusters of very small, reddish-brown flowers emerge at the tops of some stems and give way to short-beaked brown seed capsules.

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Juncus patens (California Gray Rush)

Juncus patens (California Gray Rush) is an evergreen perennial plant that forms dense clumps of narrow, erect, gray-green to gray-blue, leafless stems. They are topped with subtle, inconspicuous golden-brown flower clusters from spring to fall.

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