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Lychnis Coronaria, Rose Campion, Lychnis chalcedonica, Maltese cross, Lychni arkwrightii, lychnis viscaria, Dry soil plant, Deer resistant plant,

Lychnis - Campions

Lychnis is a genus that is comprised of 15 to 20 species of biennials and perennials grown for their brightly colored flowers on top of their upright, branching stems. Hardy and remarkable showy, these old-fashioned garden flowers are all tolerant of poor soils and grow well in sunny borders, wild gardens, or rock gardens.

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Lychnis chalcedonica (Maltese Cross)

Very attractive with its upright clump of lush bright green foliage topped by large, densely packed, round clusters of brilliant scarlet flowers, it enjoys a long season of interest, is easy to grow, trouble free, reliable, long-lived and adds bold splashes of color where needed.

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Lychnis coronaria 'Alba' (Rose Campion)

Lychnis coronaria 'Alba (Rose Campion) is an evergray short-lived perennial or biennial that deserves a spot in the landscape.

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Lychnis coronaria (Rose Campion)

Very attractive with its erect, white-gray flowering stalks covered with a profusion of glowing magenta, pale pink or white trumpet-shaped flowers, it enjoys a long season of interest, is easy to grow and trouble free

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Lychnis flos-cuculi 'Petite Jenny' (Ragged Robin)

Lychnis flos-cuculi 'Petite Jenny' (Ragged Robin) is a compact, tufted perennial with exquisite clusters of double, soft lavender-pink flowers born on upright, slender, leafy stems.

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